Tri-County Soccer League Welcome
The Tri-County Soccer League is an adult league in central New Jersey.
The Spring/Summer season runs from late April till August.
In 2018 we have 12 teams in the Over-30 Division, 16 teams in
the Over-40 Division, and 10 teams in the Over-48 Division.
The League also has a Fall season that runs from September till November.

4/8/18 List of 2018 refs is now available.
3/29/18 Schedule for O30B Hills FC updated.
3/21/18 Insurance Certificates are now available.
3/17/18 Changes made to last 2 weeks of O48 schedule.
3/14/18 O48 schedules posted. 2 groups of 5 teams. 12 division games + 3 cross over games. Followed by 1 week of makeups and 2 weeks of playoffs.
  • O30 schedules posted. 2 groups of 6 teams. 15 games followed by 1 week of makeups and 2 weeks of playoffs.
  • O40A schedules posted. 8 teams. Due to field restrictions 14 games played over 16 weeks, followed by 2 weeks of playoffs.
  • O40B schedules posted. 8 teams. 14 games followed by 2 weeks of makeups and 2 weeks of playoffs.
  • O48 schedule still in progress.
3/2/18 Summary of 2/26/18 League Meeting:
  • There will be no games week of July 4th.
  • Rule change: $50 fine for Violent Conduct has been removed.
  • If an underage player is allowed to play in a game with an opponent's permission, the opponent has the right to disallow that player in future games. The opponent should notify the other team's captain after the game, rather than waiting till the next game, so the underage player knows not to make the trip next time.
  • If there are crossover games to fill byes they will not count in the standings.
  • In the Over30A Division 11+1, B2b Legends, and B-H Amici dropped out.
  • In the Over40 Division New Providence and Vesper dropped. The status of Rovers and Warren United was unknown. A new team South Plainfield RSP would like to join O40A.
  • All teams in O48 are returning, and a new team NJ Union O48 may join.
  • Divisions in table below are just place holders (carried over from 2017) until John makes the 2018 divisions.
  • Contacts page has been updated with changes submitted at meeting.
  • Bene-Marc Insurance will provide the required Liability Insurance in order to get the fields used by Tricounty teams. This is not Medical Insurance. Cost will be $11 per player. Team insurance fees must be paid at the Feb 26 league meeting.
  • Accident Waiver and Release of Liability Form should be signed by all players in the league.

2018 Divisions and Teams
Over-30 A AFC Imperial, Empire, Hunterdon Union FC 30
Ingredion 30, NJ TICOS FC, Shamrock Rovers
Over-30 B Branchburg United, Clinton Town FC, Fusion FC
GFSC 30, Hills FC, Rat Pack
Over-40 A AC Stirling, Amici 40, Inter, Mannion
NJ Union, Persepolis, RSP FC, Tewksbury
Over-40 B Armada FC, Bridgewater, Clinton Town FC 40
GFSC 40, Hillsborough United 40, Hunterdon Union FC 40
Ingredion 40, Rovers
Over-48 A Clinton Town FC II 48, Inter 48, Kingwood FC
Millburn City FC, Valentinos
Over-48 B Caribbeans, Clinton Town FC I 48, Hunterdon FC 48
Ingredion 48, Sanofi Rayders

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