Tri-County Soccer League 2017 News

7v7 Indoor 2017
NexLevel Sports, 426 Case Blvd, Flemington NJ 08822
Contact Sean Anderson -
Contact Ricky Bennett -

Team fee - $1000 includes ref fees
30's Winter Session 1 start - Nov 28th
40's Winter Session 1 start - Nov 30th
Team Roster 10 players - max 16 players on roster

Tuesdays for 30's (1 underage allowed on the field 20+)
Thursday for 40's (1 underage allowed on the field 30+)
Game times 9:00pm and 9:45pm
Game length 40 minutes non stop
Session 8 weeks

League positions are decided by Tri-County rules with a play off to determine top 4 and over all session winner. Winner receives $100 towards next session.

Fall schedules posted.

The Tricounty fall season will commence on Sat. Sept. 9, 2017 at 9:30AM. All games will be on Saturdays at 9:30am as in the past. We had 6 teams last year and played a 10 week schedule. NO Playoffs. Teams entering MUST have a HOME field on Saturday mornings. Home team pays ref fee of $80. If interested please REPLY by Sept. 1. Schedule will be published after Labor day.

Since playoffs are not being played this season, rosters are NOT to be submitted. Division champions will be determined by final standings at the end of August.

Bridgewater Rec has asked the league to inform players NOT to warm up on the BR Municipal field until the youth players scheduled before us are done.

List of 2017 referrees (Excel) is available.

2017 Insurance Certificates (pdf) are now available.

2017 Accident Waiver and Release of Liability Form is now available. This should be signed by all players in the league.

Over30 schedules published.

Over40 and Over48 schedules published.

Tricounty will use a new format for over 40 teams in 2017. I know that some teams will not be happy with this configuration. But based on feedback and makeup of teams this year, I think this will create competitive games and avoid some long distance travel and simplify the scheduling with all the field constraints this year.

Will have 2 divisions of 9 teams. Teams in a division will play each other twice home and away. Each team will also play a team from the other division twice and there will be NO BYES. All teams will have 18 games starting April 20 and finishing August 24. There will be NO PLAYOFFS. Points will determine the champion in the division. If teams are tied at end of season, 1 championship game will be played.

Will analyze this format at end of season.

Summary of Changes for 2017

  • Please note the divisions listed on this page are just place holders and are not the final divisions. These are the likely divisions for O30 and O48. John has not sent me the O40 divisions yet.
  • The links for the team pages are currently not pointing to existing pages and will not have any content until the schedules are created.
  • Rules updated to remove some content that is no longer applicable.
  • Contacts page updated.
  • 2016 results moved to the Archives.
  • Teams are reminded that insurance is 3rd party liability only. Players on all teams must sign a waiver that should be kept by the team captains.
  • Over 25 division eliminated.
  • Empire A dropped O25.
  • Bridgewater Amici and Hillsborough United (025) merged into B-H Amici (O30).
  • Readington (O30) changed to Armada FC (040)
  • Rovers new team in O40.
  • Amwell FC O40 dropped.
  • Scotch Plains O40 dropped.
  • Shamrocks 40 new O40 team.
  • Amwell FC 48 changed name to Kingwood FC.
  • Caribbeans moved from O40 to O48.
  • Polonia Hillsborough O48 dropped.
  • Inter 48 new O48 team.
  • Ingredion 48 new O48 team.
  • Hunterdon FC 48 new O48 team.
  • If a division has 9 teams they will play 16 games over 18 weeks and the division will not have playoffs.

Now that a new year is upon us, it's time to start preparing the 2017 season. Games will commence the 3rd week in April, 4/18 & 4/20. Over 30 & over 48 games will be played on Tuesdays and over 40 divisions on Thursdays. With 6 teams in a division, every team will have 7 or 8 The over 25 division is being eliminated. Please inform John of any FIELD CONSTRAINTS. If you plan on having players under 30 on your team please consider joining another league.

The league meeting is on Monday February 27, 2017 at the Bridgewater Chimney Rock Inn starting at 7:30PM. Every team that will play this season MUST be represented and ONLY team managers/coaches are to attend. This is not a meeting for players. The room can only accommodate up to 50 people and with around 40 teams in the league space will be tight. The 2016 trophies for 1st place in a division and for division championship will be presented. EVERY team must also pay the yearly league fee of $70 for this season and a premium for Liability insurance (info to follow). Insurance check made out to Bene-Marc Insurance Co. and the league check to Tricounty Soccer. Referee fees will be paid by the home team at game time for regular season games. Teams making the playoffs will split ref fees.

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