Tri-County Soccer League 2019 Playoffs

Men's Divisions: The top 4 teams in each division advance. The format is 4 @ 1, and 3 @ 2 in the semifinals.
The winners play in the final at the home field of the higher seeded team. Referee fees are split between the teams.
All finals will use a 3 ref system. Semi Finals will optionally have 3 ref system. Both teams must agree to use 3 refs.
Since light may become a factor, if game is tied after 90 minutes Penalty Kicks will be used to decide team to advance to finals.
In FINALS, if game is tied after 90 and it's getting too dark, teams will be co-champions.
If darkness is not a factor, teams will play up to 2 overtime periods of 10 minutes using the GOLDEN RULE. Game ends if goal is scored in OT.
If NO SCORE in OT teams may be co-champs OR agree to use PKs to decide the championship.

2019 Playoffs
GameDateDayTimeAway Team Home TeamFieldRefScore
O30A Semi8/20Tue9:15pmHunterdon Union FC 30NJ TICOS FCBR MuniKelly,Vicci,O Doyle0-3
O30A Semi8/20Tue6:30pmMannion 30EmpireS Willow ParkO Doyle,Vicci,Kelly0-4
O30A Final8/27Tue9:15pmEmpireNJ TICOS FCBR MuniVicci,O Doyle,Kelly1-3
GameDateDayTimeAway Team Home TeamFieldRefScore
O30B Semi8/20Tue8:00pmBranchburg UnitedRat PackMountain ParkRodhas,Chung,Rodgers4-3
O30B Semi8/20Tue6:30pmHills FCFusion FCSummer RoadBilly E,Becza,Spilletti1-3
O30B Final8/27Tue6:00pmBranchburg UnitedFusion FCFinn CB Doyle,Tzetzos,DosSantos1-1 (4-3 PKs)
GameDateDayTimeAway Team Home TeamFieldRefScore
O40A Semi8/22Thu8:00pmMannionRoversMountain ParkVicci,Chung,Santo1-4
O40A Semi8/26Mon9:15pmInterAmiciBR MuniRodhas,Sali,Kline2-0
O40A Final8/29Thu8:00pmInterRoversMountain ParkKelly,Horincwich,Santo2-3
GameDateDayTimeAway Team Home TeamFieldRefScore
O40B Semi8/22Thu6:30pmFusion 40Hunterdon Union FC 40Finn CSali,B Doyle,Kline1-3
O40B Semi8/22Thu6:30pmArmada FCHillsborough UnitedSingley ParkO Doyle,Tzetzos,DosSantos0-3
O40B Final8/29Thu6:00pmHillsborough UnitedHunterdon Union FC 40Finn CO Doyle,DosSantos,Arnold0-1
GameDateDayTimeAway Team Home TeamFieldRefScore
O48A Semi8/20Tue8:30pmCaribbeansInter 48TorpeyTzetzos,Richter,Santo2-3
O48A Semi8/20Tue8:00pmKingwoodValentinosMt. Olive MSMandell,Clark,Horner1-4
O48A Final8/27Tue8:30pmValentinosInter 48TorpeyAshcroft,Kline,Santo0-3
GameDateDayTimeAway Team Home TeamFieldRefScore
O48B Semi8/20Tue6:30pmHunterdon FC 48Ingredion 48Summer RoadDosSantos,Santo,Tzetzos1-2
O48B Semi8/20Tue6:30pmClinton Town II FC 48Clinton Town I FC 48Finn FB Doyle,Kline,Givler4-3
O48B Final8/27Tue6:00pmClinton Town II FC 48Ingredion 48Finn FMykulak,Sali,Gibbons3-2
GameDateDayTimeAway Team Home TeamFieldRefScore
WO28A Semi7/31Wed6:00pmBreezersFuryDuke IslandKline,Ahmad2-1
WO28A Semi7/31Wed6:30pmSparta RageRaidersMt Park Turf #4Tzetzos,Horincewich1-0
WO28A Final8/4Sun9:00amBreezersSparta RageMt Park Turf #4J.Decker,S.Decker3-0
GameDateDayTimeAway Team Home TeamFieldRefScore
WO28B Semi7/31Wed6:30pmPink UnitedChester United4HS.Decker,J.Decker1-4
WO28B Semi7/31Wed6:30pmMorris UndergroundSweepsLower Knuth
alt: 32 Zeek Rd turf if heavy rain
WO28B Final8/5Sun9:00amMorris UndergroundChester UnitedMt Park Turf #3Tony Paolini, J Santo0-1

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