Tri-County Soccer League 2020 News

All May games cancelled due to COVID-19. Next update will be at the end of May.

All April games cancelled due to COVID-19. Next update will be at the end of April.

Over 30, 40, and 48 schedules posted.

2020 Insurance Certificates are now on the website.
Disclaimer: Special Event coverage is for General Liability only. This insurance does not apply to "bodily injury or property damage" to any "participant" of your event/activity. "Participant" means manager, staff member, team worker, official, volunteer, player, coach or any other person who has been granted proper authorization to act on behalf of or enter any "restricted areas" during your event/activity. "Restricted areas" are those areas which are occupied by the "participants" and to which access by the general public is prohibited.

Summary of the February 24th meeting:

  • Ref fees for 2020 will be $80 for O48 and Women's O28, $85 for O40, and $90 for O30.
  • Over-30 Division Changes: Hills FC and GFSC 30 dropped. ARI 30 and RDS FC aded.
  • Over-40 Division Changes: AC Stirling, GFSC 40 and Bridgewater dropped. ARI 40, Branchburg 40, and Mt. Olive SC added.
  • Over-48 Division Changes: Bridgewater added.
  • Teams were reminded that our insurance policy is 3rd party liability only.
  • Teams were reminded goalkeepers may be up to 5 years younger. Age is determined by their age on December 31st of the calendar year.
  • The divisions created by John Santo for 2020 are shown in the table below.

    The annual Tricounty League meeting will be held on Feb. 24, 2020 at the Chimney Rock Inn 7:30 PM. Every team wishing to enter this year MUST be represented and pay the annual league fee of $75. Also, teams must carry liability insurance which has been $11 per player in past years, Randy will handle insurance. This is NOT medical insurance, it's a $2 million liability insurance that is required by agencies that provide our fields to protect their interests. Also, Trophies will be handed out for 2019 division and playoff winners.

    Based on teams registered for 2020, John will assign the teams to over 30, 40 & 48 divisions in order to create competitive games using results and guidelines from last year. Games will commence on April 21 for over 30 and over 48 divisions and April 23 for over 40 divisions. After regular scheduled games are completed playoffs will be played in August.

    The ref fees this season are $90 for over 30, $85 for over 40 and $80 for over 48 playing 90 minute games. These are comparable to ref fees that are established for youth levels based on the level of competition.

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